25 February 2009

NZ high performance budget 2009-2012

SPARC investment plan for high performance success@SPARC

SPARC has announced the four year 2009-2012 high performance investment programme for targeted sports geared to get New Zealand athletes on the podium at London 2012.

Under the High Performance Strategy 2006-2012 New Zealand is targeting at least 10 medals for the London Olympics.

The targeted investment is part of an overall high performance investment programme of approximately $35 million per annum. Other components of the investment programme include; high performance funding to other national sports organisation under the contestable investment process ($4.8 m) – announced in December 2008; performance enhancement grants direct to athletes and coaches ($5.5 m); Prime Ministers sports scholarship programme ($4.25 m) – announced January 2009; high performance support e.g. technology, research, innovation, talent transfer ($2 m) and New Zealand Academy of Sport athlete and coach support programme ($ 5.7m).

22 February 2009

UK recovery forum


The discussion topic was Recovery and Regeneration and former West Midlands Regional S&C Lead Nick Grantham of Smart Fitness started of with a presentation on recovery methods and choices based on type of fatigue. The 'Recovery Pyramid' which Nick and current EIS S&C Coach Mark Jarvis developed formed a large part of the information presented where various levels and stages of recovery method choices are ranked according to a needs basis.

Nigel Stockill of Optima Life presented his information on his equipment and software for monitoring recovery status in relation to heart rate variability.

GB Basketball Lead Duncan French then discussed the strategies he has put in place with GB Basketball based around the distinct needs for a team during a touring situation where travel, training and games all have to be finely balanced in order to keep the players healthy while on tour duty. Duncans information displayed how athletes can self help and make their own decisions based on how they are feeling and the situation they find themselves in at any given time.

Malaysia target sports for 2012 London Olympics

Malaysia Targets Gold Medal At London Olympics@Bernama

The Youth and Sports Ministry has targeted at least a gold medal either in badminton, archery or cycling in the 2012 London Olympics

20 February 2009

YOG hydration issue

Experts stress importance of hydration in sports especially in tropical S'pore@CNA

A hydration expert at Loughborough University, UK, Ron Maughan, said: "We have made measurements of professional football players and top athletes at other competitions, and we see a significant number of athletes coming up already dehydrated, and that is inexcusable for a professional athlete."

With athletes from cold countries heading to Singapore for events like the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, coaches need to ensure their charges can take the heat.

14 February 2009

YOG DCO course

Doping control officers for YOG

'Singapore is committed to keeping the Youth Olympic Games free from doping. As we prepare to host the inaugural Youth Olympic Games next year, we want to make a clear stand against doping,' said Mr Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad at the launch of the seminar on Saturday morning.

'Anti-doping efforts are integral to promoting fair play and the ideals of the Olympic Movement,' he said. 'Such efforts are relevant to our young people as we educate, engage and influence them to adopt and live by the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.'