21 December 2004

milestones in the evolution of the EIS

The pursuit of excellence@EIS

significant milestones in the evolution of the EIS

1. opening of the Birmingham High Performance Centre, at Alexander Stadium

2. national workshop

3. give the staff a broad glimpse of the expertise within the ranks

medical insurance for student athletes

Sports school well-covered@asiaone

The Singapore Sports School provides more comprehensive insurance coverage for its students.

08 December 2004

single-subject research review article

My new review article will be published in Sports Medcine.

Kinugasa T, Cerin E, and Hooper S. Single-subject research designs and data analyses for assessing elite athletes' conditioning.Sports Med 34: 1035-1050, 2004

07 December 2004

joint research = IAAF + WADA

IAAF plans joint research with WADA@sportbusiness

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) plans to conduct joint research with the world anti-doping agency WADA as it seeks further firepower in the battle against doping.

01 December 2004

UK sport funding for Beijing

UK Sport Statement on Funding

Future funding of sports will take account of both past performances, which demonstrate whether the sport has a winning formula, and future potential.

talent management company


Sportacus has set up a new company, Sportacus Talent Management, to develop commercial deals for sports and entertainment stars.