29 March 2004

research management system

tracking a textbook: from idea to publication@the scientist

we need a system to manage research processes.

26 March 2004

a video for coaching + management

Success, Lions and videotape: Matthews' secrets for sale@The Age

four-time AFL (Ausutralian Football League) premiership Brisbane Lions coach Leigh Matthews

Matthews' coaching experience as an instructional tool for business

It is more about individuals investing in the team cause in the belief that their individual needs will be met through team success

audio broadcast for Majour League Baseball games

baseball joins media slugfest@wired

Major League Baseball inks pacts with Microsoft and AOL to carry live audio and video, plus various highlights packages.

23 March 2004

19 March 2004

conference on elite performance

from Sportsci.org ML

24 - 26 november 2004, INSEP, PARIS, FRANCE

•The analysis of training: a qualitative stake in the preparation to elite performance.
•The analysis of elite performance in a competitive context: questions and methods.
•Simulation : A new instrument in research, training and education?
•The role of the context in the analysis of the activity in elite sport.
•Symposium: The analysis of the systems producing elite performance: the example of the delegations attending the Olympic Games.

17 March 2004

lab management

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty

can download the following chapters from the website.

Chapter 1 Obtaining and Negotiating a Faculty Position and Planning for Tenure
Chapter 2 The Scientific Investigator Within the University Structure
Chapter 3 Defining and Implementing Your Mission
Chapter 4 Staffing Your Laboratory
Chapter 5 Mentoring and Being Mentored
Chapter 6 Time Management
Chapter 7 Project Management
Chapter 8 Data Management and Laboratory Notebooks
Chapter 9 Getting Funded
Chapter 10 Getting Published and Increasing Your Visibility
Chapter 11 Understanding Technology Transfer
Chapter 12 Setting Up Collaborations
Chapter 13 Course in Scientific Management

16 March 2004

11 March 2004

new swimsuit for Athens

Speedo goes top secret to develop suit@USA Today

gender-specific and stroke-specific models, increases a swimmer's speed in the water by reducing drag by 4%

Speedo Fastskin FSII

looks cool!

08 March 2004

shoulder rotation characteristics in professional tennis players

Int J Sports Med 25: 154-158, 2004

The dominant arm (playing arm) had a significantly greater range of external rotation than the non-dominant arm

The internal rotation showed a significant deficit as compared to the non-dominant arm