24 September 2004

The 2005 Doping Prohibited List is now available

World Anti-Doping Agency

22 September 2004

Sport Science Myths Demystified - What Do The Experts Say?

Sport Science Myths Demystified - What Do The Experts Say?

Can longer rackets increase your service percentage? Should you apply the same swing speed for both your first and second serves? Will playing tennis make you a mentally tougher person? And are bagels just as good to eat as sports energy bars? The USTA's Sport Science team demystifies several of the myths surrounding tennis exercise and nutrition.

15 September 2004

U.S. Open Puts Serve in Server

Wired News: U.S. Open Puts Serve in Server

Viewers can drill down to match statistics like first-serve percentages or unforced errors, which are recorded live by on-site statisticians, and quickly jump from match to match or watch several matches simultaneously.

09 September 2004

What does it really take to make it in professional sport?

Talent Development in Sports and Science@Science's Next Wave

to be an sports psychologist

Olympic Inspiration@Science's Next Wave

Ben Brennan, Psy.D., was trained as a clinical psychologist. When he visited a friend during the '96 Olympics, in Atlanta, he realized that sports psychology was what he wanted to do. Now Brennan treats athletes with performance enhancement techniques as well as through more traditional clinical therapy in the New York/New Jersey area.

Postgraduate Scholarships in Sydney


The new International Centre of Excellence in Sports Science and Management
(ICESSM) at Sydney Olympic Park invites interested individuals to apply for
up to 6 PhD or Masters scholarships in Sports Science and Sports
Management. Commencing in 2005, these scholarships provide an exciting
research opportunity for Australian and international students to study at
either The University of Sydney or The University of Technology, Sydney.

01 September 2004

Singapore Sports School + Auckland University of Technology

Sports School to launch two-year sports science diploma course

new job as a sports scientist

I've completed my PhD and started working at Singapore Sports School as an exercise physiologist from today. Here in Singapore, beside humid weather, the U$44.4 million facilities are impressive and people are very friendly, so I look forward to work in this new environment.