28 July 2004

USA-China Sports Summit

USOC announces "USA-China Sports Summit" for 2005@Yahoo

a multi-sport competition to be launched June 8-12, 2005 in Seattle as part of the build-up to the 2008 Beijing Games

23 July 2004

WADA's 2003 Annual Report

WADA's 2003 Annual Report now available@WADA

The report focuses on the acceptance and consequences of the World Anti-Doping Code. It also contains details on WADA's activities last year in all priority areas, such as research and testing, as well as the year's financial reports.

UK internships for sports science and medicine graduates

sports science and medical talent targeted@UKSI

English Institute of Sport
Strength and Conditioning (3 positions)
Performance Analysis (2 positions)
Physiology/Sports Science (1 position)

Welsh Institute of Sport
Strength and Conditioning (1 position)

20 July 2004

key questions for a business plan

How to Write a Business Plan@the scientist

What have you got?
Who is going to buy it?
Why will they buy my product rather than another one?
What is it going to cost, and what is the projected return?
How will your business be run?
Who are the people who will run it?

16 July 2004

an event to discuss sportning future

Australian Sports Commission Events: Our Sporting Future 2005

what: focus on addressing key topics and issues in sport today and provide delegates with practical information they can apply to their business.
when: 2 to 4 March 2005,
where: Sydney Convention Centre, New South Wales, Australia

UK drug testing lab

new drug testing lab for UK@UKSI

UK beccomes one of only three countries in the world to have more than one WADA-accredited lab

05 July 2004

IMG unveiled the plans to develop sports talent in Asia

IMG's passage to India@SportBusiness (need to register)

IMG Academies Bharata to unveil plans for Hyderabad complex@IMG Academies News

IMG Academies unveils master plan for sports complex@Hindu Business Line

Can laboratory-based tennis profiles predict field tests of tennis performance?

J Strength Cond Res 18:136-143, 2004

height, maximum minute ventilation, and isokinetic strength measurements significantly and positively affected ball velocity

12 steps for grant writing

How to Get Help Writing Grants@the scientist

1. Focus your idea
2. Find a funding agency
3. Write your specific aims
4. Rewrite your specific aims
5. Write the body of your grant
6. Get a writing critique
7. Get a scientific critique
8. Rewrite as necessary
9. Complete supporting regulatory paperwork
10. Complete budget workup
11. Get signatures
12. Submit

no more sweaty HR monitor

Tech Company Gets Hypersensitive@Wired

one of the first remote sensing devices that can provide readings from several feet away without physical contact

no more sweaty heart monitor straps and no more grabbing handles while running on a treadmill -- the device could get a signal through a wristband or a patient's feet

02 July 2004

scientists named Google as the top resources

Péter's Digital Reference Shelf

librarians and scientists were asked to name the top scientific and medical search resources that they use or are aware of, "scientists named Google, Yahoo! and PubMed" as the top three resources. That's quite a surprise, knowing that scientists of the developed world, especially in the hard sciences, are very well-served by gigantic full-text searchable, interlinked digital journal archives of scholarly publications.