24 March 2008

Singapore sets up organising committee for first Youth Olympics

Singapore sets up organising committee for first Youth Olympics@CNA

SINGAPORE: Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on Monday appointed Ng Ser Miang as the chairman of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) Board.

Mr Ng is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board member in Singapore.

The organising committee for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010 is set up with its 22-member SYOGOC board, an inter-ministry committee and a panel of advisors.

11 March 2008

doping to enhance academic performance?

Brain Enhancement Is Wrong, Right?@NY times

In a recent commentary in the journal Nature, two Cambridge University researchers reported that about a dozen of their colleagues had admitted to regular use of prescription drugs like Adderall, a stimulant, and Provigil, which promotes wakefulness, to improve their academic performance. The former is approved to treat attention deficit disorder, the latter narcolepsy, and both are considered more effective, and more widely available, than the drugs circulating in dorms a generation ago.

NZ Coach Grants

SPARC invests $600,000 into NZ’s top coaches@SPARC

Many of the Coach Performance Enhancement Grants (CPEG) recipients were part time coaches with regular jobs who had to give up their personal time to coach athletes. Balancing both roles can be pretty challenging, so these grants allow us to purchase more of a coach’s time (off employers) which ultimately gives their athletes more chance of success.