28 April 2004

call for papers for performance conference

the analysis of elite performance in its context

24 - 26 November, 2004 INSEP Paris FRANCE

27 April 2004

talent ID and psychology

J Sports Sci 22: 395-408, 2004

talent needs to be reconceptualized so that talent identification and talent development processes are perceived to be dynamic and interrelated

can laboratory-based tennis profiles predict field tests of tennis performance?

J Strength Cond Res 18: 136-143, 2004

height, maximum minute ventilation, and isokinetic strength measurements significantly and positively affected ball velocity

world-rankings to predict swimming performance

J Sports Sci 22: 339-345, 2004

a top-10 ranked swimmer will substantially increase their chance of an Olympic medal

Australain R&D is dangerously low

Growing lag in research spending@ResearchResearch.com

Australian expenditure on on science and medicine continues to decline in comparison to our international competitors

big science means big opportunities

thinking big@Nature

The moral of Hubble's recent news is to evaluate the longevity of a big project before you sign on. And try to develop skills that will be relevant to another effort once that big project inevitably comes to an end.

23 April 2004

imitation learning

Neural Circuits Underlying Imitation Learning of Hand Actions: An Event-Related fMRI Study@Neuron

brain activities behind observation and imitation using fMRI

the basic circuit underlying imitation learning consists of the inferior parietal lobule and the posterior part of the inferior frontal gyrus plus the adjacent premotor cortex (mirror neuron circuit).

20 April 2004

science women get cinematic boost


Hedy Lamarr may light up the big screen once again,
this time for her contribution to science.
Another film on the co-discoverer of DNA, Rosalind Franklin,
is in development. By Kristen Philipkoski.

19 April 2004

the miserable pay of most US postdocs

US postdocs: Young, gifted ... and broke@Nature

what's needed, say postdoc activists, are policies to ensure that postdocs receive proper training and career guidance designed to aid their transition into independent researchers supervising their own students and fellows

alternative to Web of SCIENCE@ISI?


Elsevier is currently developing a bibliographic database product
called "Scopus", which is due to release later this year

stragetic vs tactical thinking

stragetic thinking= comprehensive, long-term, theoretical

tactical thinking= more liminted, practical, concrete actions to be taken

16 April 2004

IMG's new tourism target

@sportbusiness.com (need to resister)

sports marketing giant IMG is expanding into global tourism
as it looks to increase its consultancy base

14 April 2004

great workplaces have high levels of trust

great place to work institute

a great workplace is measured by the quality of the three,
interconnected relationships that exist there:

(1) the relationship between employees and management

(2) the relationship between employees and their jobs/company

(3) the relationship between employees and other employees.

want to be an entrepreneur?

Glittering prizes@Naturejobs

more PhD students and researchers have begun participating
to develop their business ideas and pick up key contacts
in the venture-funding world

13 April 2004

how to succeed in business


academic and industrial science are increasingly linked,
young scientists could use more training to compete
with their business-school colleagues