15 December 2006

Do muscles recover faster in the AM or PM?@final sprint

A study from France shows that it takes longer to recover from hard exercise in the evening than in the morning (Int J Sports Med 27, 2006).

Cyclists performed ten six-second bouts of all out effort, with 30-second rest periods while the researchers measured peak power output, total mechanical work, peak pedaling rate, and peak efficient torque. The same group of cyclists performed these workouts in the morning on one day, and in the evening on another day. They found that the short-term recovery patterns were slower in the evening than in the morning.

13 December 2006

IOC Athletes’ Career Programme

Assisting athletes in their career development during and after competition@IOC

After the Games, 97 per cent of athletes are unsure about their professional careers, what will happen to them psychologically and professionally.

Based on this assessment, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Adecco decided to join forces, and in 2005 launched the Athletes’ Career Programme (ACP), which endeavours to answer these questions and provide concrete solutions.

The ACP mission: enhance the life of Olympic and Paralympic athletes