29 March 2006

USOC is eyeing a possible bid for the 2016 Olympic Games?


The US Olympic Committee has moved to boost its attempts to bid for future Olympic Games by appointing IOC member Bob Ctvrtlik as its new international vice president.

17 March 2006

doping inquiry into Australian weightlifting

Doping probe after items found@news.com.au

THE Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra has ordered a doping investigation after discovering "material" in its visitors' accommodation that it suspects is related to performance-enhancing drugs.

11 March 2006

Singapore's funding system

Singapore Sports Council's New National Sports Association Funding Model@SSC

Sports Council introduces outcome-based funding for NSAs @channel news asia

SINGAPORE : National Sports Associations (NSAs) will now get their funding based on what they can do rather than on what they have achieved.

Singapore launches new career scheme for elite athletes

S'pore Sports Council launches new career scheme for elite athletes @channel news asia

Programme for Elite Athlete's Career (PEAC): top athletes are placed in participating companies where they enjoy a flexible work environment that allows them to continue their elite sports training and participation in competitions.

06 March 2006

sleep position gives personality clue

sleep position gives personality clue@BBC

If you want an insight into somebody's true personality, then try to catch a glimpse of the way they sleep.