31 August 2004

genetically modified cattle to athletes?

Building Better Bodies@NY Times

13 August 2004

12 August 2004

online sports medical information throughout the games

Ovid joins the Olympic team@Info World Review

Olympic competitors in Athens will be able to get free online access to sports medicine content through link-up with SIRC databases

11 August 2004

genetic research in JISS

Japan Institute of Sports Sciences to search for Olympic Gold gene

The goals of the research are to discover gene sequences that play a major role in creating athletic ability and to establish a database based on genetic research into Japanese gold medalists.

06 August 2004

Olympic votes 'for sale'

IOC member 'selling votes'@BBC

An International Olympic Committee member agreed to help a fake bid to bring the 2012 Olympics to London for cash, the BBC's Panorama reports.

what are the limits?

what are the limits:Olympics@Nature

-Top of the world

-Beating the drug cheats

-A breed apart

-The medals and the damage done

-Heat-stopping action

-Gasping the victory

sports science in Science magazine

Science Magazine special issue - Sports Science: Testing Human Limits

- Careers in Sport Science: Resources
Web sites to find more information about the field

- The American Sports Medicine Institute
The American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) located in Birmingham,
Alabama, is unique in that it offers training to both those interested
in a career in sports medicine research and in clinical practice. The
students and research staff at ASMI are dedicated to the Institute's
mission: to improve the understanding, prevention, and treatment of
sports-related injuries through research and education.

- Finding the Right Track After Your Sports Science Degree
Tinaz Kumana is a sports science graduate from last year, and although
she estimates herself lucky enough to have found challenging and
stimulating work within the field, she is very aware of the struggle
faced by the many graduating into this area of work.

- Diary of a Sports Medicine Intern
One of the American Sports Medicine Institute's (ASMI's) former
students came all the way from Australia to learn about the biomechanics
of baseball. She writes about her research experience at ASMI and how it
has helped her all along in her career since. She is now a postdoctoral
fellow at the University of Western Australia.

- My Journey Out From Under the Stairs
Stephen Seiler, a transplanted American now living in Norway, has
always been fascinated both by sports and science. He tells us how he
allied the two with a PhD in exercise physiology from University of
Texas, and how unforeseen events helped him get closer to the sports
part of sports science when his career seemed set to follow the basic
medical research path.

- Talent Development in Sports and Science
Nick Holt, 2 years into his first postdoc, works in sport psychology,
and received the "Dissertation of the Year" award last year from the
Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (the main
professional body in this field). His research is in talent development
- what it takes to make it as an elite athlete, and this surely bears
some analogy with science careers. He did his Msc in the UK, PhD in
Canada, and has worked in both Canada and the UK since graduating.

- Keeping your Finger on the Pulse: Sport Science in Europe
Overview of the field in Europe, re. training and job opportunities.
Based on a report from the International Council of Sports Science and
Physical Education in Berlin

04 August 2004

The Doping Search Guide 2004

The Doping Search Guide 2004@Elsevier

the official List of prohibited substances and methods issued
by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)