30 January 2004

60% of people trusted uni scientists

unexpected results@Guardian

Scientists often think the public will believe anything when it comes to
new research, but studies show that this viewpoint is unproven

28 January 2004


i have submitted PhD thesis today.

it was nearly 3 years of hardworking.

the story of my thesis is:

1. individual differences exist in response to elite athletes' conditioning (training + recovery activities)
= used single-case research designs
2. their training load, recovery, performance, and performance readiness are fluctuating daily
= used randomization tests to analyze mean differences between training phases
3. the fluctuation has trends
= used time series analysis (e.g. ITSACORR)
4. coaches and sports scientists want to predict athletes' performance and performance readiness
= used mathematical models (e.g. dynamic factor analysis and structural equation modeling).

i strongly believe my approach will change the way we assess elite athletes' conditioning.

it's not over yet (needs 2 months of thesis examination),
but feels great to accomplish something really BIG!

thank you all for your support.

22 January 2004

juggling alters the structure of human brain

nature 427: 311-312, 2004

the subjects showed a structural change in brain areas that are associated with the processing and storage of complex visual motion after 3 month of training

12 January 2004

what makes a champion swimmner?

talent identification

short distance: tall stature and long segment lengths
breathstroke + long distance: the shorter and stockier body builds

08 January 2004

physiological models to understand adaptations

1. caridiovascular/neural recruitment model
2. energy supply/depletion model
3. musle recruitement/muscle power models
4. biomechanical model
5. psychological model

(Tim Noakes)

06 January 2004

what is science?

science is the organized, systematic enterprise that
gathers knowledge about the world and condenses
the knowledge into testable laws and principles
(Edward O Wilson)