29 October 2004

WADA Doping Statistics 2003

Doping stats released by WADA@UK Sport

As is the case in the UK, football is the most tested sport in the world, with 20,104 samples being analysed. This is ahead of athletics (18.876) and cycling (12,352). Among Olympic sports, the percentage of adverse findings in relation to the number of tests if highest in cycling (3.93%) and boxing (3.68%).

28 October 2004

next advances in biology = system biology!

All Bio Systems Are Go@Wired

systems biology is a burgeoning field which aims to understand the workings of the nuts and bolts of living organisms through the interactions of the thousands of pieces of DNA, RNA and proteins that network together in each cell of our body.

20 October 2004

President of Singapore came to our school

President Nathan tours Singapore Sports School, 87 new students admitted@Chnnel NewsAsia

how to be creative

how to be creative@Change This

"The idea doesn't have to be big. It just has
to change the world," so says HUGH MACLEOD,
creator of Gaping Void and author of the
manifesto "How To Be Creative."

If you've ever struggled to ignite your
creative spark, you'll love this one.

18 October 2004

English Premier League player has tested positive

Player tests positive@Sportal.com.au

English newspaper The Mail has reported that an English Premier League player has tested positive for a 'banned substance'.

13 October 2004

UK Sport launches Elite Coach

UK Sport launches Elite Coach@UK Sport

The scheme will see tailor made programmes developed for each of the nine coaches, which will not only allow them to develop their technical skills by working with and observing the best in action, but also to develop the leadership skills which are the hallmark of the most successful operators, not just from the world of sport, but from the world of business, industry and the arts.

UK Sport hopes that the £500,000 per year programme will produce 60 elite British coaches by 2012.

11 October 2004

Postgrads choose industry over academia

Postgrads choose industry over academia@Guardian

More than half of PhD students turn their backs on the academic life and head for jobs in industry

think differently

shaping the future@Guardian

The Eden Project is more than just a botanical garden, says its creator. It is a place where people are encouraged to think differently. John Vidal hears how Tim Smit now hopes to use his inspirational vision to effect wider social and environmental change.


Smit's secret, if there is one, seems to be that he can bring people of very different disciplines and skills together, get them to brainstorm and collaborate, and come up with the extraordinary. The Eden Project, he says, has attracted locals by the score, but also high-flying artists, businessmen, architects, scientists, engineers, educationalists, horticulturalists and ecologists from all over Britain.

08 October 2004

PE classes the key to future health

PE classes the key to future health

Professor Doune Macdonald and PhD student Jessica Lee from the School of Human Movement Studies at The University of Queensland, believe the focus of school physical education (PE) should be to nurture “physical literacy” and PE should be compulsory from preschool to Year 12.

06 October 2004


The Development Department of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has launched a new weblet on the official ITF website, purely dedicated to the ITF Development programme. The Development weblet can be found at www.itftennis.com/development.

The weblet contains information on the ITF’s worldwide Development programme, including detailed information on the activities undertaken around the world and details on the programme’s support from the Grand Slam Development Fund and Olympic Solidarity. Complete information on the national programmes which are available to the ITF member nations is also provided.

The Development programme is supported by 9 Development Officers who are based around the world and their section provides a summary of their role in the Development Programme, in addition to detailed news and latest events from each of the Development Officers’ individual regions.

The weblet also provides information on the ITF Junior Tennis Initiative which encompasses the School Tennis Initiative and Performance Tennis Initiative programmes and there is a Player Development section, providing full information on player training opportunities through ITF training centres and ITF organised training camps and detailed information on international competition.

Finally the news section, where you will find the latest news and news archive in relation to Development activities taking place around the world,completes the range of information available at www.itftennis.com/development.