18 August 2008

SPEEDO effects

LZR-Racer Results@SPEEDO

It’s been an amazing 8 days of swimming, 23 out of 25 WR’s have been won by athletes wearing Speedo LZR RACER at the Beijing Games (92%).

94% of gold medals at the games have been won in Speedo LZR RACER.

89% of all medals were won in Speedo LZR RACER.

Every event in men’s swimming was won by an athlete wearing the Speedo LZR RACER.

13 August 2008

radio tracking system for indoor and outdoor sports

High-tech tracking device for Olympic success@AIS

The latest weapon in Australian athletes’ training arsenal has just been added thanks to a new collaboration announced today by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the CSIRO.

In a world first, a mobile radio transmitter attached to an athlete or equipment can track their every move. The information is instantaneously sent back to the coach via a wireless network, enabling monitoring of an athlete’s location, speed and position relative to other athletes.

For a cyclist training in a velodrome, a light, mobile phone-sized device can be attached to the bike and can monitor, in real time, the cyclist’s location, speed, split times and accelerations. As well, the device can marry this information with the athlete’s sensory data such as body temperature and various indicators of fatigue.

12 August 2008

sports technology used in Beijing Olympics

Gadgets Boost Olympic Performance — Legally@wired

Speedo LZR Suit

Lew Racing 8-Spoke Wheel and Disc Cranked Arrow

Respro Sportsta Face Mask

CAT-150 Hypoxic Portable Tent

Nike MaxSight contact lenses

Nike Flywire Zoom Victory Spikes and Adidas Lone Stars

Game Ready Cooling Vest and Nike PreCool Vest

Mizuno RB500/14.0 Bat

Nike Pidima

Robo-Pong 2040 Training Robot

Mikasa MVA200

VR Goggles

08 August 2008

EU athlete pathways

Study on the training of young sportsmen and sportswomen in Europe@ECS

the Commission awarded a contract for a study on the training of sportsmen and sportswomen in Europe to identify ways of improving the legal and political framework for preserving and developing high-quality training for top-level sportspersons, particularly young sportspersons, in Europe, and specifically to:

1. Describe the current situation regarding the training of top-level sportspersons in Europe;
2. Identify different approaches to the training of top-level sportspersons in Europe;
3. Identify examples of best practice in certain training systems;
4. Evaluate the training needs of top-level sportspersons and, where appropriate, methods to improve their training.

AIS online talent ID

Talent hunt for next generation of Olympians goes online@ASC

The system was the brainchild of the ASC’s successful National Talent Identification and Development program which seeks to identify and develop Australia’s future sporting talent. eTID is a simple to use, free, online program that allows anyone (aged 12-29) to assess their sporting potential.

It provides opportunities for aspiring or current athletes and even former elite athletes looking to start a new sport. The athletes’ information is processed and if identified as ‘above average’ by eTID they are then encouraged to visit a Talent Assessment Centre (TAC) to have their results verified.

05 August 2008

AUS recovery centre set up at Beijing

Recovery centre at Western Academy secret weapon for Australia's Beijing Olympic team@Fox sport

It features a 25m pool, twin ice baths, rehabilitation room and massage area. A dedicated recovery program has been tailored for each individual and team.

03 August 2008

cooling inside the body to cope with Beijing heat

Aussie secret weapon@AOC

Slush puppy, freezy, slurpee – call them what you like, but they are the fastest heat reducing product available. Scientifically proven by the Aussie team’s medical staff, the slurpees reduce the core body temperature faster than ice vests and cold towels.

Depending on the temperature of the day and athlete, the slurpees will be ingested before, during and after competition.

The athletes won’t taste the traditional raspberry and cola flavours, but rather those like berry ice and mountain blast of Powerade.

The key to brain freeze is putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth.