11 November 2009

Sports Sci J@Sep-Oct 09

This is the latest sports science journal update.


Sep-Oct 09


Game-Based Training for Improving Skill and Physical Fitness in Team Sport Athletes. IJSSC

An Integrative Definition of Coaching Effectiveness and Expertise. IJSSC

High-Intensity Training in Football. IJSPP

Do footedness and strength asymmetry relate to the dominant stance in swimming track start? JSS

Effect of Plyometric Training on Swimming Block Start Performance in Adolescents. JSCR

Fitness Profiling in Soccer: Physical and Physiologic Characteristics of Elite Players. JSCR

Strength & Conditioning

The Association Between Motor Skill Competence and Physical Fitness in Young Adults. RQES

Correcting the Use of the Term "Power" in the Strength and Conditioning Literature. JSCR

Negative effect of static stretching restored when combined with a sport specific warm-up component. JSMS

Effects of Sit-up Training versus Core Stabilization Exercises on Sit-up Performance. MSSE

A Comparison of Successful and Unsuccessful Attempts in Maximal Bench Pressing. MSSE

Relationships Among Jumping Performances and Sprint Parameters During Maximum Speed Phase in Sprinters. JSCR

Neuromuscular Adaptations to Training, Injury and Passive Interventions: Implications for Running Economy. SM


The Analysis and Utilization of Cycling Training Data. SM

Test Validation in Sport Physiology: Lessons Learned From Clinimetrics. IJSPP

Computer Simulations Assessing the Potential Performance Benefit of a Final Increase in Training During Pre-Event Taper. JSCR

Reliability and Generality of Measures of Acceleration, Planned Agility, and Reactive Agility. IJSPP

Relation between Individualized Training Impulses and Performance in Distance Runners. MSSE

Improving the prediction of sweat losses during exercise. JAP

Cold Fluids Improve Exercise Performance in the Heat By Slowing the Rate of Heat Gain. MSSE

Evidence against a 40°C core temperature threshold for fatigue in humans. JAP

Comparison of Progressive Maximal Swimming Tests in Elite Female Water Polo Players. IJSPP

Effects of Ramadan fasting on physical performance and metabolic, hormonal, and inflammatory parameters in middle-distance runners. APNM

The ‘So What’ Factor: Statistical versus Cinical Significance. IJSM


BJSM reviews: A–Z of supplements: dietary supplements, sports nutrition foods and ergogenic aids for health and performance Part 1. BJSM

BJSM reviews: A–Z of supplements: dietary supplements, sports nutrition foods and ergogenic aids for health and performance Part 2. BJSM

Evaluation of Nutritional Intake in Canadian High-Performance Athletes. CJSM

Development and Validation of a Food Pyramid for Swiss Athletes. IJSNEM

Caffeine and Anaerobic Performance: Ergogenic Value and Mechanisms of Action. SM

Biomechanics and technology development

Ubiquitous computing in sports: A review and analysis. JSS

A Comparison of Video and Accelerometer Based Approaches Applied to Performance Monitoring in Swimming. IJSSC

Sports Medicine

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement on periodic health evaluation of elite athletes March 2009. BJSM

Sports Injuries During the Summer Olympic Games 2008. AJSM

Illness Monitoring in Team Sports Using a Web-Based Training Diary. CJSM

Preparticipation cardiovascular screening in young athletes. BJSM

Incidence and aetiology of sudden cardiac death in young athletes: an international perspective. BJSM

Return to play? Practical considerations for young athletes with cardiovascular disease. BJSM

Popular drugs in sport: descriptive analysis of the enquiries made via the Drug Information Database (DID). BJSM

Psychology and motor control

The role of confidence in world-class sport performance. JSS

Emotional Intelligence Scores Predict Team Sports Performance in a National Cricket Competition. IJSSC

Talent ID and development

Relationships among birth-month distribution, skeletal age and anthropometric characteristics in adolescent elite soccer players. JSS

The relative age effect in a professional football club setting. JSS

Genetic research and testing in sport and exercise science: A review of the issues. JSS


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