09 November 2009

Learning points from Coach Education Conference 09

3rd Annual Evolution of the Athlete: Coach Education Conference (2-3 Nov 2009@Brisbane, Australia)


"Leadership in elite sport" Craig Bellamy (Head Coach, Melbourne Storm, NRL team)

- Leadership = to know the role and to do the best you can
- Positive thinking + realistic thinking
- Importance of off field activities

"Managing individuals in winning teams" John Fitzgerald (Optus Davis Cup Captain, Tennis Australia)

- 6C = communication, clarification, character, compassion, confidence, commitment
- Expectation = to play at best effort possible

"Developing the learning environment in sport" Glenn Stewart (High Performance Manager, West Coast Eagles)

- Leaning environment = to change actions, you need data to convince
- Team learning environment = vision → assess → FB → Info transmit (eg VARK, drills) → FB from players → re-assess
- Personal practical knowledge (PPK) = can learn 90% when you share info to others (x reading only 10%)

Concurrent session

"Quantification of training load" David Martin (Senior Sport Physiologist, Australian Institute of Sport)

- Simplify the relationship between training and performance
- What is the difference between good and bad forms?
- Daily log is insurance

"Gold medal programming" Chris O'Brien (Head Rowing Coach, Victorian Institute of Sport)

- Humanistic approach: focus on individual
- Back to the basics and repeat it!

"Designing practice" Megan Rendell (Sports Scientist - Skill Acquisition, QLD Academy of Sport)

- Adaptable, transfer, confidence, pressure, persistent, decision making
- Less is best (eg use analogy and questions)
- Block practice → random practice

"The TID coach" Juanita Weissensteiner (Research Coordinator, National Talent Identification & Development, Australian Sports Commission)

- TID and development as one package
- Biological and cognitive maturity.

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