17 November 2009

AUS talent 'hot spots' study

Sports talent 'hot spots' being studied@SMH

Queensland's Griffith University is leading research into identifying potential elite athletes, which could be the key to improving Australia's international sporting success.

Rather than the standard biophysical measures, the university hopes to uncover reasons why some towns and regions like Wagga, which they call "hot-spots", produce more elite athletes than others.

The university is working with the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia and the Australian Football League following a $300,000 grant last month from the Australian Research Council.

Over the next three years researchers would study factors such as the family support for elite athletes, whether there was a strong club system, socio-cultural factors, psychological factors, how recruiters perceived talent, home-town advantage and whether the hot-spots have strong socio-capital.

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