14 May 2010

Sports Sci J@Mar-May10

This is the latest sports science journal update.


Long term athlete development
Expert Performance in Sport and the Dynamics of Talent Development. SM

Talent Development in Adolescent Team Sports: A Review. IJSPP

The Role of Psychological Characteristics in Facilitating the Pathway to Elite Performance. Part 1. SP. Part 2. SP

Developmental changes in cognitive reaction time of children aged 6–12 years. EJSS

Gender Differences in Motor Skill Proficiency From Childhood to Adolescence: A Longitudinal Study. RQES

Continuous vs. Interval Aerobic Training in 8- to 11-Year-Old Children. JSCR

Soccer Endurance Development in Professionals. IJSM

Motor fitness in Dutch youth: Differences over a 26-year period (1980–2006). JSMS

Correspondences between continuous and intermittent exercises intensities in healthy prepubescent children. EJAP

Influence of birth quarter on the rate of physical activities and sports participation. JSS

Elite Athletes: Are the Genes the Champions? IJSPP

Advances in Exercise, Fitness, and Performance Genomics. MSSE

Maturity Status and Injury Risk in Youth Soccer Players. CJSM

The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How. JSS (book review)

Performance enhancement
New Horizons for the Methodology and Physiology of Training Periodization. SM

A Biomechanical Evaluation of Resistance: Fundamental Concepts for Training and Sports Performance. SM

On the role of imagery modalities on motor learning. JSS

Kinematic and Kinetic Comparisons of Elite and Well-Trained Sprinters During Sprint Start. JSCR

Body roll in swimming: A review. JSS

Does Breathing Disturb Coordination in Butterfly? IJSM

Characterising the slope of the distance–time relationship in swimming. JSMS

Energetics and biomechanics as determining factors of swimming performance: Updating the state of the art. JSMS

An analysis of practice activities and instructional behaviours used by youth soccer coaches during practice: Exploring the link between science and application. JSS

Effect of playing tactics on goal scoring in Norwegian professional soccer. JSS

Match-to-Match Variability of High-Speed Activities in Premier League Soccer. IJSM

Activity Profile in Elite Italian Soccer Team. IJSM

Physiological Responses and Characteristics of Table Tennis Matches Determined in Official Tournaments. JSCR

The importance of being elastic: Deflection of a badminton racket during a stroke. JSS

Automated processes in tennis: Do left-handed players benefit from the tactical preferences of their opponents? JSS

Combining Hypoxic Methods for Peak Performance. SM

Sleep quality in athletes under normobaric hypoxia equivalent to 1500 m altitude: A polysomnographic study. EJSS

Ice Slurry Ingestion Increases Core Temperature Capacity and Running Time in the Heat. MSSE

Influence of Mouth Rinsing a Carbohydrate Solution on 1-h Running Performance. MSSE

Guidelines for Glycerol Use in Hyperhydration and Rehydration Associated with Exercise. SM

Glycaemic Index, Glycaemic Load and Exercise Performance. SM

Glycemic Index and Endurance Performance. IJSNEM

BJSM reviews: A–Z of nutritional supplements: dietary supplements, sports nutrition foods and ergogenic aids for health and performance Part 6. BJSM Part 7. BJSM

Nutritional supplementation habits and perceptions of elite athletes within a state-based sporting institute. JSMS

Human Hydration Indices: Acute and Longitudinal Reference Value. IJSNEM

Influence of Beverage Temperature on Exercise Performance in the Heat: A Systematic Review. IJSNEM

Effects of Post-Exercise Recovery Interventions on Physiological, Psychological, and Performance Parameters. IJSM

What is the biochemical and physiological rationale for using cold-water immersion in sports recovery? A systematic review. BJSM

The Effect of Prior Endurance Training on Nap Sleep Patterns. IJSPP

Fitness and Exercise as Correlates of Sleep Complaints: Is It All in Our Minds? MSSE

The Effects of Precompetition Massage on the Kinematic Parameters of 20-m Sprint Performance. JSCR

Effects of a Whole Body Compression Garment on Markers of Recovery After a Heavy Resistance Workout in Men and Women. JSCR

Mental toughness profiles and their relations with achievement goals and sport motivation in adolescent Australian footballers. JSS

Analysis of a reactive agility field test. JSMS

Being an Elite Sports Scientist: A Balancing Act? IJSPP

Injury prevention and management
Neuromuscular Training for Sports Injury Prevention: A Systematic Review. MSSE

To stretch or not to stretch: the role of stretching in injury prevention and performance. SJMSS

Does motor imagery enhance stretching and flexibility? JSS

Pilates for Improvement of Muscle Endurance, Flexibility, Balance, and Posture. JSCR

Altered oxidative stress in overtrained athletes. JSS

Low vagal tone is associated with impaired post stress recovery of cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune markers. EJAP

Match Injuries in Professional Soccer: Inter-Seasonal Variation and Effects of Competition Type, Match Congestion and Positional Role. IJSM

The effects of an exercise intervention on forward head and rounded shoulder postures in elite swimmers. BJSM

Funky treatments in elite sports people: do they just buy rehabilitation time? BJSM

Technology development
GPS Analysis of Elite Women's Field Hockey Training and Competition. JSCR

The validity and reliability of a global positioning satellite system device to assess speed and repeated sprint ability (RSA) in athletes. JSMS

Kinanthropometry and body composition: A natural home for three-dimensional photonic scanning. JSS

Polar Activity Watch 200: a new device to accurately assess energy expenditure. BJSM


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