30 May 2010

Singapore satellite centres for sports development

Govt spending S$2.5m on sports satellite centres for youths@CNA

The government is spending S$2.5 million on new satellite centres for sports development, especially for sports featured in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in August.

The YOG will be held over two weeks, but organisers hope it will leave a lasting legacy.

So the authorities are establishing satellite centres that will feature sports from the YOG.

Teo Ser Luck, co-chairman, Singapore Youth Sports Development Committee, said: "These satellite centres will be able to give a chance to all the young people to learn the different sports of their interests, of their passion.

"It does not matter if they are not in the school team today; they will still get a chance to play and to learn the sport and they will do it regularly."

The centres will be introduced in phases.

The first four - for sailing, wrestling, badminton and basketball - will start operations next month.

For more information on programmes offered at the Satellite Centres for Sports Development, visit http://www.singaporesports.sg/SCSD.

The others may be opened by the end of next year.

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