01 October 2009

YOG Culture and Education Programme

First-ever Culture and Education Programme Pictograms unveiled@Singapore 2010

7 Culture and Education Programme (CEP) pictograms for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games at Pulau Ubin, a venue for one of the CEP activities, the Island Adventure. CEP is a key and unique feature of the Youth Olympic Games:

1. Chat with Champions, 2. Discovery Activity, 3. World Culture Village, 4. Arts and Culture, 5. Community Project, 6. Exploration Journey and 7. Island Adventure.

The CEP is built around five themes:

- Olympism. This topic traces the origins, philosophy, structure and evolution of the modern Olympic Games to the present day.

- Skills Development. This topic considers various facets of a professional athlete's career, including personal development and managing transitional phases in life.

- Well-Being and Healthy Lifestyle. This topic covers the promotion of a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating and stress management, besides dealing with the issue of doping in sport.

- Social Responsibility. The issues of environment, sustainable development and community relations in the context of being a responsible global citizen will be discussed.

- Expression. Activities under this theme include learning and interaction opportunities via the digital media and evening festivals at the Youth Olympic Village.

For more info of CEP, click here.

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karim said...

Good one on Personal Development and it helps a lot.

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