06 October 2009

US swimmers, cyclists, and shooters not competing at YOG 2010

US swimmers, cyclists and shooters to give 2010 YOG a miss: Washington Post@CNA

The online version of the Washington Post said some US athletes will not turn up at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games to be staged in Singapore next year.

The report said that the US swim team will not be competing in the August 2010 Games.

It quoted USA Swimming Executive Director Chuck Wielgus who said the Youth Olympics was set up more as an educational programme than a high-level competition.

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SMB tech geeks said...

Pretty cynical approach by the US team, don't you think? Surely their presence, as world leaders in sport, would help to engender a genuinley competitive atmosphere & inspire the youth of other countries? If nothing else now, it would be nice to have the chance to prove that "high-level competition" was on offer & attempt to kick some US butt!