16 July 2008

UK FA talent transfer programme

pitch2podium@UK Sport

Pitch2Podium is a new and exciting programme created by UK Sport, the English Institute of Sport (EIS) and our partners within the football authorities (Football Association, Professional Footballers’ Association, Premier League and Premier League Learning, The Football League, and League Football Education).

The aim of the programme is to provide young footballers who have been unsuccessful in securing a professional football contract, with a second chance opportunity to succeed in a new Olympic sport.

The assessment event, by design will be fun, competitive and will include the following:
- Anthropometrics (height, weight, arm span, sitting height)
- Dynamic Strength (dyno leg press / arm pull)
- Power (vertical jump, stationary sprint bike tests)
- Speed (5, 10 and 20m sprints)
- Endurance (multistage stage fitness test)
- Skill (sport specific motor coordination)

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