23 July 2008

Singapore-based training camp before Beijing Olympics

32 teams from 22 countries to train in S'pore ahead of Beijing Olympics@CNA

It will be a mini-Olympics of sorts in Singapore ahead of the Beijing Games. That's because 32 teams from 22 countries will use the island as a training base for 10 sports in preparation for the Olympics.

Singapore was selected because of its good infrastructure, similar weather and time zone to the Chinese capital.

The New Zealand women's football team is just one of the squads to make Singapore its base for their final preparations before the big Games.

They will be joined by top teams, like the US swimmers, which last year sent their junior team to check out the scene here.

And some will also be here to compete, like the water polo teams from nine nations, playing in the Pre-Olympics Water Polo Invitational in early August.

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