06 April 2010

Singapore multi-year funding for National Sports Associations


Singapore, 6 April 2010 - As part of its Annual National Sports Association Grant Exercise (ANGE) for Financial Year (FY) 2010, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) announced today that 33 National Sports Associations (NSAs) are given in-principle approval for multi-year grants, ranging between two to three years. This announcement follows the SSC's call in September 2009 for NSAs to have foresight and adopt multi-year planning that focuses on medium to long-term strategies. This is the first time that the SSC is granting multi-year funding to NSAs.

2 Commenting on the introduction of multi-year funding for the NSAs, SSC's Chief Executive Officer Oon Jin Teik said, "Sporting success takes years to build and will require multi-year planning. Hence, it is vital that NSAs plan beyond their annual cycle and take a more holistic perspective to grow and develop their sports. The SSC understands that it would be more efficient and useful for NSAs to have greater certainty of the grants that they receive from the SSC to do multi-year planning. For a start the SSC has locked-in indicative funding for 33 NSAs, to facilitate them with their programmes and activities beyond just one year."

3 The in-principle approval for the extended cycle funding is based on the NSAs' multi-year sports plans and programmes. Additionally, the NSAs must have demonstrated that they have the corresponding support structures in place to ensure delivery of these multi-year programmes. NSAs will need to meet basic criteria such as corporate governance and fulfillment of pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), before the funds can be disbursed on a quarterly basis.

4 For ANGE FY 2010, the SSC will be channelling $50.22 million to the NSAs and other sports partners. The amount includes direct and indirect grants of $35.78 million and $14.44 million, respectively, to the NSAs. This is up from FY 2009's grants of $46.98 million (Direct grant: $34.10 million; indirect grant: $12.88 million).

5 Indirect grants to NSAs refer to SSC's sports medicine and sports science services (FY 2010: $4.58 million; FY 2009: $4.95 million) and sports facilities subsidies (FY 2010: $3.54 million; FY 2009: $2.38 million).

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