16 June 2008

Sports Sci J@May-Jun 08

This is the latest sports science journal update@May-Jun 08:


Travelling to China for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. BJSM

Maximal Strength Training Improves Running Economy in Distance Runners. MSSE

Effect of Fastskin Suits on Performance, Drag, and Energy Cost of Swimming. MSSE

Maximal Power and Performance during a Swim Taper. IJSM

Vibration Training in Elite Sport: Effective Training Solution or Just Another Fad? IJSPP

Sports Science: Where Are the Future Employment Prospects? IJSPP

Strength & Conditioning

Design and Implementation of a Specific Strength Program for Badminton. SCJ

Basic Statistics for the Strength and Conditioning Professional. SCJ

Relationship Between Sprint Times and the Strength/Power Outputs of a Machine Squat Jump. JSCR

Reliability of Measures Obtained During Single and Repeated Countermovement Jumps. IJSPP


Validity, Reliability and Sensitivity of Measures of Sporting Performance. SM

Muscle Fatigue during Football Match-Play. SM

Challenging a Dogma of Exercise Physiology: Does an Incremental Exercise Test for Valid V-dotO2max Determination Really Need to Last Between 8 and 12 Minutes? SM

Analysis and Monitoring of Oxidative Stress in Exercise and Training by FTIR Spectrometry. IJSPP

The Use of Sprint Tests for Assessment of Speed Qualities of Elite Australian Rules Footballers. IJSPP

Performance and metabolism in repeated sprint exercise: effect of recovery intensity. EJAP

A heat acclimation protocol for team sports. BJSM

Fatigue mechanisms determining exercise performance: integrative physiology is systems biology. JAP


Sodium Bicarbonate Improves Swimming Performance. IJSM


Arm Coordination Adaptations Assessment in Swimming. IJSM

Sports Medicine

Preventing sports injuries at the national level: time for other nations to follow New Zealand’s remarkable success. BJSM

Injury surveillance in multi-sport events: the International Olympic Committee approach. BJSM

The clinical utility of screening of biochemical parameters in elite athletes: analysis of 100 cases. BJSM

Scapular Positioning in Athlete's Shoulder: Particularities, Clinical Measurements and Implications. SM

Trend in Sports Injuries among Young People in Finland. IJSM

Prevention of Injuries Among Male Soccer Players: A Prospective, Randomized Intervention Study Targeting Players With Previous Injuries or Reduced Function. AJSM

Athletic induced iron deficiency: new insights into the role of inflammation, cytokines and hormones. EJAP

Screening for haematological and iron-related abnormalities in elite athletes—Analysis of 576 cases. JSMS


Competitive experience and performance status: an investigation into multidimensional anxiety and coping. EJSS

Athletic Trainers’ and Physical Therapists’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Psychological Skills Within Sport Injury Rehabilitation Programs. JAT

Talent ID and development


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