30 November 2007

Britain's plan for Beijing Olympics: Macau holding camp


In the lead up to Beijing next year, there will be a multisport holding camp in Macau with most of Britain’s Olympic sports including Hockey, Judo, Archery and Athletics based there. However some sports have different training requirements, so we arrange slightly different bases for them.

For example, Equestrian only move their horses once, so they will go straight to Hong Kong, where their competition is taking place and be with their horses for the whole duration. Triathlon will be based in JeJu Island, in South Korea so they can get the right cycle training facilities, as well as the swimming and running. Rowing and Canoe Slalom will actually be doing their final preparation training on the Olympic Competition Venues, so they will have their Holding Camp based around those sites.

Flying the athletes to the holding camps at least 7 days before the Games will help give them enough time to recover from the travel. For athletes based in Macau, the flight to Beijing is only 3hours and in the afternoon, so should have very little impact.

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