13 April 2007

'Quiet Eye' helps elite athletes

'Quiet Eye' helps elite athletes@CNN

The technique is a measure of visual focus, recorded with a variety of technologies, which, according to Vickers, gives an athlete insight into their actions.

The "Quiet Eye" is based on key elements of data:
1. the optimal location of the eyes' focus in space

2. when the eyes begin to focus

3. when the players' gaze leaves the "optimal location"

4. the duration of the quiet eye's period


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Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas, Chicago, USA said...

This is an interesting concept. I know of cricket research that has looked at reaction times in club and elite cricketers. The hypothesis is that the elite players have better visual acuity and therefore can make a decision sooner about what type of delivery it will be. . .this of course makes it easier for them to decide how they will hit the ball, and translates into success in scoring.

We suspect that better visual acuity is also an important predictor of success in other ball sports such as baseball and basketball, although we do not know of any research that has tested this hypothesis.