30 January 2006

Australia's Beijing Athlete Program

The business of winning@ASC

The Beijing Athlete Program is aimed at attaining sustained high performance success in targeted sports — those that offer the best potential to win medals — leading into the Beijing Olympics, Paralympics and beyond.

Initially 21 sports were identified for inclusion in the Beijing Athlete Program:

* Group 1 (significant ASC investment) — rowing, swimming, hockey, cycling, athletics, basketball, sailing, water polo, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and canoeing
* Group 2 (multi-medal or potential multi-medal) — diving, archery, shooting, triathlon and skiing
* Group 3 (increased potential through Asian linkage) — judo, table tennis, badminton and taekwondo.

Another three sports — baseball, softball and equestrian — have since been added on the basis of their medal potential.

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