25 August 2005

one year anniversary @ Singapore

It has been a year since I arrived at Singapore.

It was a quick journey, but I am really enjoying staying here. Although the weather is very humid, people and food are very nice.

As a sports physiologist, my main job was to conduct sports specific physiological testing for various sports.

So far, I was involved in 5 research projects:
• The effects of Ramadhan (Muslim fasting month) on the physical, physiological, and psychological variables for junior soccer players
• Validation of a specific field test for junior badminton players
• Monitoring a conditioning programme for junior runners using a daily log
• Effects of heat stress on hydration levels and energy expenditure for junior badminton players
• A biological approach to junior athletes' strength and conditioning programmes.

Other than the projects, I had to set up a Sports Performance Lab in Sports Science Centre and gave physiology lessons to our students.

It was very hectic and challenging somethimes, but it was all invaluabe learning experiences,
I hope I can continue the good output in Singapore Sports School.

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