18 July 2005

RSS feeds for medical journals

How-to: RSS feeds for medical journals@MedPDA.net

1) Go to www.pubmed.com
2) Click on "limits"
3) In the first drop-down menu (All fields), select "Journal"
4) In the search area, enter the name of the journal you're looking for
5) Click "go"
6) In the drop-down menus right above the search results, go to the one that reads "send to" and select "RSS feed"
7) Automatically it will take you to another page with configuration details about the feed you are about to create
8) Select 50 as the number of items in the feed, so if the journal publishes more than the default 15 items you won't miss any
9) click "create feed"
10) Your link for the RSS feed is ready, under the XML button !

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