23 May 2005

Want to do PhD in UK?

PhD studentships 2005
Closing date of applications: 24th June 2005

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham
has achieved the highest national Research Assessment Exercise rating (6*).
As part of the School’s commitment to research excellence, it is offering
several PhD Scholarships this year which will be available to European Union
citizens. The studentships are for three years, start in October 2005 and
have an approximate annual value of £7000 plus fees.

The titles of the studentships available are:
1) Regulation of pulmonary blood flow during exercise in humans
2) Venous distensibility, capacitance and tone: gender differences in reflex
3) Comparing theories of risk perception and communication
4) Psychosocial Factors and the Humoral and Cellular Immune Response to
5) Mechanisms and clinical implications of stress lymphocytosis
6) Response of muscle protein synthesis to exercise and nutrition
7) Do interventions that increase insulin sensitivity always translate into
improved lipid handling?
8) Biomarkers for Apoptosis Revealed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
9) Metabolic interventions in chronic heart failure
10) Effects of exercise on insulin sensitivity in patients with type 2
11) Effect of triathlon fatigue and action transition on motor coordination
and cognitive functions
12) Modelling the mechanical interaction of forces between the musculo
skeletal system of a rower and boat
13) The relationship between visuomotor decline and falls in older adults
14) Quantifying brain metabolism in human visual cortex by functional
magnetic resonance imaging techniques
15) Determinants and correlates of prosocial and antisocial behaviour in
16) Goal striving, well-being and need satisfaction in sport: Testing the
self-concordance model
17) Exercise Imagery

More details about the studentships can be found at our website:

Application packs can be obtained from Mrs. J.E. Bailey, Admissions
Secretary, School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Birmingham,
Birmingham B15 2TT (J.E.Bailey@Bham.ac.uk, tel: 0121 414 4108).

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