28 January 2004


i have submitted PhD thesis today.

it was nearly 3 years of hardworking.

the story of my thesis is:

1. individual differences exist in response to elite athletes' conditioning (training + recovery activities)
= used single-case research designs
2. their training load, recovery, performance, and performance readiness are fluctuating daily
= used randomization tests to analyze mean differences between training phases
3. the fluctuation has trends
= used time series analysis (e.g. ITSACORR)
4. coaches and sports scientists want to predict athletes' performance and performance readiness
= used mathematical models (e.g. dynamic factor analysis and structural equation modeling).

i strongly believe my approach will change the way we assess elite athletes' conditioning.

it's not over yet (needs 2 months of thesis examination),
but feels great to accomplish something really BIG!

thank you all for your support.

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