28 March 2005

gene doping@WADA's new magazine

New Play True issue on gene doping available@WADA

WADA has published a new issue of Play True magazine.

This issue focuses on the facts and dangers of gene doping, and on what WADA is doing to fight this new threat.

Play True@PDF

26 March 2005

WADA leads fight against gene doping

WADA leads fight against gene doping@UK sport

"WADA has, for some time, considered genetic doping to be a looming threat. We have taken the lead in focusing the attention of the scientific and sport communities on the challenge this new method presents for enhancing performance."

(Richard Pound)

18 March 2005

the power of sport

British sport looks to the future@UK sport

Sue Campbell (UK Sport’s Chair): "Over the last few years we have seen a government that has really begun to accept the power of sport to realise many other agendas. We really can make a massive contribution to health, law and order and education."

15 March 2005

Beckham Academy launch


The David Beckham Academy comprises two full size pitches and an extensive series of buildings featuring state of the art classrooms, dinner hall, training facilities and changing rooms.

Using the latest technology, the Academy is designed to provide a fun and interactive experience for children of all skill levels, unlike anything currently seen in UK football.

Targeted at all ability levels, The David Beckham Academy in London will initially welcome 15,000 boys and girls aged eight-15 years on an annual basis.

14 March 2005

article: effects of massage on performance

Weerapong et al. The mechanisms of massage and effects on performance, muscle recovery and injury prevention. Sports Med 35: 235-256, 2005.

The unclear effects of massage on muscle blood flow lead to uncertain befefits for performance and recovery from fatigue.

There are only few, well controlled studies on sports massage.

11 March 2005

definition of gene doping

HFL to lead gene doping research@ UK sport

WADA defines gene doping as "the non-therapeutic use of genes, genetic elements and/or cells that have the capacity to enhance athletic performance".

10 March 2005

equality of jobs in UK

women still missing out on top jobs@UK sport

Women currently make up 23% of such boards, well down on the 30% target by the end of 2005 as set in the UK Strategy Framework for Women and Sport.

03 March 2005

international doping database

Anti-doping body creates international database@ITbusiness.ca

A Canadian team is setting up a Web-based database tool that will help athletes from around the globe comply with the World Anti-Doping Code.

Selected stakeholders will be able to access the Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) starting in mid-May of this year, before
it is available to some 400 organizations by 2006. ADAMS will facilitate the collection and sharing of athletes’ whereabouts information, provide a clearinghouse for anti-doping information and a database to coordinate and plan drug testing.